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It's Time to find your tribe

Below are some regular events that we run and you can expect to see on a monthly basis. Click through for more information…

Full moon gatherings

For over a year now we've consistantly held gatherings on a full moon where we have a fire, release what no longer serves us, manifest our dreams and swim under the moonlight amongst other things.

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Sunrise swims

Every weekend, year round, we meet at the beach to watch the sunrise, swim together and reap the benefits of cold water therapy. Often we'll head to the cafe afterwards for breakfast, coffee and a chat.


Twice a month we gather for online journalling, hosted by Lisa from Roots to Healing. Lisa intuitively guides us through journalling prompts to aid us on our healing journey.


We are incredibly forturnate to have a number of talented Yogis in our sisterhood and so we can offer yoga sessions at least once a month.

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Sign up to receive our ✨free✨ manifesting with the moon guidebook 🌙

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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