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Thank you for being a part of our community!

No! Our swims, Wild Wednesdays & Full Moon events are all still free to attend for all members we just ask you RSVP via the event page.  There will be other events happening that are free to subscribers and non subscribers are still welcome to attend those events. Simply purchase a ticket to the event and enjoy all the benefits.

To ensure security and privacy, our events are exclusively visible to logged-in members. By having an account and logging in, you’ll have access to our vibrant events calendar and exciting offerings.

Regardless of whether you are a paid subscriber or not, we have a selection of events that are accessible to all our members. Our full moon events (once a month), our Wild Wednesdays and weekend sunrises meet ups are all free to attend.

Absolutely! First and foremost, Suffolk Circle is a community for women. Our mission is to provide a safe space where all women, including trans women, can be themselves, express themselves, and support each other on our individual healing journeys. We wholeheartedly recognize and affirm that trans women are women. It’s important to note that while we are committed to learning and growing, we are not an LGBTQIA+ specific organization. We acknowledge that for queer-specific challenges, there are dedicated resources and organizations that may be better equipped to provide specialized support. We value your understanding and encourage individuals seeking assistance in those areas to explore the knowledgeable LGBTQIA+ organizations within our community. Our commitment remains to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all women as we continue to learn and evolve.

Yes, even for free access, we require registration to provide a secure and personalized experience. Creating an account allows you to view our event calendar and stay connected with our community.

Absolutely! While our memberships offer exclusive benefits, you can also choose to pay for individual events without subscribing. This way, you have the flexibility to participate in specific activities that resonate with you.

You can easily manage your subscription through your account settings on your account dashboard. 

We encourage you to engage with fellow members through our community group on Facebook, at events, and our whatsapp group. As a safe and respectful space, you can connect and build relationships with like-minded women.

Website Costs and Administration:

  • Hosting and maintaining a dedicated website or online platform for the group requires financial investment.
  • Website development, design, domain registration, and hosting fees contribute to a user-friendly and professional online space.
  • Payment systems and security measures ensure a seamless and secure registration and payment process.

Professional Facilitator’s Time and Expertise:

  • Experienced facilitators dedicate significant time to plan, prepare, and lead host events.
  • Facilitators bring expertise in creating a safe, nurturing environment, guiding discussions, and managing group dynamics.
  • Compensation acknowledges their commitment, skill set, and the value they provide to participants.

Tailored Content and Resources:

  • The Suffolk Circle team often provide curated content, materials, and resources that support personal growth and development.
  • Developing and sourcing relevant content, worksheets, and reading materials require research and effort, enhancing participants’ experience.

Emotional Labor and Energy:

  • Facilitators invest emotional energy and effort in holding space for participants’ emotions, experiences, and vulnerabilities.
  • Addressing participants’ needs, concerns, and providing emotional support demands emotional labor and personal energy.

Logistical Planning and Coordination:

  • Organising events involves logistical planning, such as scheduling sessions, sending reminders.
  • Administrative tasks, including communication with participants, coordinating guest speakers, and handling inquiries, require time and attention.

Our objective is to establish an inclusive collective community, a place where everyone can find their space, and to cultivate an environment where reciprocal interactions thrive.

A core aspiration is to circumvent the situations that often arise, where individuals join the group solely to extract value without contributing. Our vision is to foster collaboration, meaningful connections, and a sisterhood of women who wholeheartedly uplift one another. We firmly believe that the strategies we’ve put in place will play a pivotal role in realising this aspiration.

At The Suffolk Circle, we’re committed to fostering connections, empowerment, and learning among a diverse group of individuals. We have designed a subscription service that brings together a dedicated community of individuals seeking valuable insights, experiences, and connections.


Why we believe its valuable to you

  • Exposure to a Captivated Audience: Reach an engaged community of subscribers eager to learn and connect with experts like you.
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise: Host your own monthly event, where you can share your knowledge, skills, and passion with a receptive audience.
  • Profit from Your Expertise: As a valued facilitator, you’ll earn 75% of the ticket sales from non-subscribers attending your event.
  • Community Impact: The remaining 25% of ticket sales goes directly towards supporting The Suffolk Circle and the initiatives we champion.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other like-minded business owners and thought leaders within our circle.

We are ALL volunteers. No one currently receives a wage. Events that are paid ticketed events 75% of each ticket will be paid directly to the facilitator hosting the event.  The subscription  fee goes back in to the group to cover running costs and events.  

Charities do not need to sign up to the subscription. We welcome charity events and events free to attend to be shared amongst the Facebook group and WhatsApp. 

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Sign up to receive our ✨free✨ manifesting with the moon guidebook 🌙

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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